The Rector's Letter - Aug/Sept 2018
The Churches of St Lawrence,
All Saints, Little Bookham

The Giving Tree

As we enjoy the summer sun and the opportunity to look again at the beautiful trees in our gardens, churchyards and countryside, this story may seem particularly poignant:

When the boy was young, he swung from the tree’s branches, ate her apples, and slept in her shade…. But as he grew up, he spent less and less time with the tree. “Come on, let’s play” said the tree. But the young man was only interested in money “Then take my apples and sell them” said the tree. The man did and the tree was happy.
The man didn’t return for a long time, but the tree smiled when he passed by one day. “Come on, let’s play!”

But the man, older and tired of the world, wanted to get away from it all. “Cut me down. Take my trunk, make a boat, then you can sail away,” said the tree. The man did, and the tree was happy.

Many seasons passed – and the tree waited.
Finally the man returned, too old to play, or pursue riches, or sail he seas. “I have a pretty good stump left. Sit down here and rest.” said the tree. The man did, and the tree was happy.

As we review our lives, can we identify with the boy and the tree?
How many giving trees have there been? How many people have given themselves so we might grow, accomplish our goals, and find wholeness and satisfaction?
Thank you, Lord, for each one.
“You sent help more than once” Philippians 4: 16

Your Rector,
(Thanks to UCB Word for Today for the story).

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